50,000 Ovia users have gotten pregnant!


Since its launch in late 2012, our Ovia Fertility app has helped more than 50,000 users conceive. That’s a current rate of one pregnancy every four minutes!

We’re humbled that our technology played a role in building thousands of new families. There’s no more meaningful work that we could be doing.

Our mobile apps combine big data, machine learning, wearable tech (they sync with FitBit, Jawbone, and Withings), and fertility algorithms, achieving conceptions up to three times faster than the national average.

For those trying to conceive (or avoiding it), Ovia Fertility provides women a daily Fertility Score based on the personal information they log each day, such as moods, cervical fluid, sleep, and period data. Users see exactly when they’re most fertile.

Ovia Pregnancy harnesses tens of millions of data points to provide expectant mothers with individual feedback on their daily progress. The app provides unique feedback to users, including alerting women when their symptoms could be dangerous.


Just like those new Ovuline babies, we’re growing too. Over the last year, we’ve had a:

  • 784% increase in users, with about 50,000 new signups each month
  • 4166% increase in user-submitted data points to 50M total (a current rate of 1M every three days)
  • 3x increase in our majority female team, from five to fifteen
  • top-ranked spot for both Ovia Fertility and Ovia Pregnancy, which reached number two in the Apple Store’s Medical category


And we’re just getting started. It’s time that women had real science on their side.

Thank you to all of our amazing users, friends, families, investors, and supporters, and here’s to an even more incredible 2014!

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